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J.D. Roth

Kent, I don't have anything constructive to add here (so feel free to delete this comment). I just want to say how happy it makes me to see an article from you. You were always one of my favorite money bloggers and I thought you'd gone away. :)

Kent Thune, TFP Author

Hey J.D., it's great to hear from you, as well. And likewise, Get Rich Slowly has long been among my favorite blogs. I've been distracted with life (mostly good things) but I never really went away. I even plan to finally publish a book in the near future! Please stay in touch and thanks for reading.


Hey Kent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this common sense and simple framework to explain gas prices. It helped me look at the issue with a more knowledgable point of view. I too use Victor Frankl's teachings to help people reframe their obstacles about eating habits. Looking forward to reading your book.

Kent Thune, TFP Author

Hello Franklin. I appreciate the comment! I'm a big fan of Viktor Frankl and he is a featured philosopher in my book, which will hopefully be published later this year.

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