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Literally speaking, dogs do have a prefrontal cortex, of course less complex than primates (or maybe even rudimentary?), with some/many features missing, and with other features operating in lower boundaries. This doesn't invalidate the spirit of your post, which is worth reflecting on.

Side note: an area called the "lateral frontal pole prefrontal cortex", part of the ventrolateral frontal cortex, part of the prefrontal cortex, looks to be a more evolutionarily new part of the brain, found in humans, but missing in macaques (http://www.healthcanal.com/brain-nerves/47080-what-makes-us-human-unique-brain-area-linked-to-higher-cognitive-powers.html) (of course, brain science being in its infancy, everything is to be taken as work in progress).

Kent Thune


Thanks for adding such an informative comment! I have the smartest readers on the web!

I did know that dogs have a pre-frontal cortex but I didn't do the best job of communicating that knowledge. My wording was "humans have a developed pre-frontal cortex, whereas dogs do not." The operative word is "developed," which would mean that dogs have a pre-frontal cortex but it's not as developed as that of a human.

Later, I did say dogs "lack a pre-frontal cortex," which is not a true statement. I'll fix that!

For clarity, do you believe that it is best to compare the two brains in terms of their development or in terms of their complexity? It seems the latter is the best.

I will touch upon this idea in my forthcoming book and I always like to hear from people like you, who may have better ways of communicating certain ideas, especially when it comes to science. Philosophers don't often make the best scientists!

Thanks again...



Hi Kent

Unfortunately for me, I did not choose a career that would put me in the 'trenches' of an intellectual 'warfare', each day 'fighting' in order to make 'territorial' gains - discover new things about how the world works. So, I'm just a spectator of this endeavor, waiting for researchers/scientists to win new 'battles' (and they constantly do; like Voltaire said "No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.") and amaze me with their new discoveries. And of course, the same passion for insightful ideas makes me read your blog.

I am not in the position to give a qualified answer to your question. An engineer by education, programmer by profession and trader by aspiration would say we can compare 2 brains functionally. As we don't really understand how the brain works, for now we can just treat it as a black box and notice the actions it is able to conduct and the results it can achieve. But I don't despair, I know somewhere out there, there are a lot of 'soldiers' working on this, and ultimately we will understand much more about the brain.

And talking about '2 brains' reminds me of split-brain patients, which sometimes act like having 2 brains, maybe you know about this, I find it fascinating every time I watch these videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx53Zj7EKQE , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9u6cQYcOHw

All best!

Myke Myers


I would add "hubris" to the list. People who are possessed by hubris will crash and create chaos for anyone following.

I enjoy your posts.


Kent Thune


Interesting videos! Science amazes me but I prefer to leave the science to the scientists! Perhaps that is your position? Philosophers are not bound to scientific methodologies and they can put forth ideas without having to prove their points with concrete facts. This is why many of the great philosophers became famous posthumously.


I agree about hubris. It's certainly a destructive force, especially in capital markets! The best we can do is learn to recognize it and to stay out of its way.

Thanks to you both for the comments!



Of course, I leave the doing science to scientists, but I am too 'selfish' to leave them the discoveries, too. :)

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