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Charles Tutt

I'm curious to know your definition of REALITY vs ILLUSION. Are we not all (individually and collectively) merely living a dream of our own creation?

Kent Thune


For me reality is the absence of the unreal and is therefore the opposite of illusion. A simple example is the difference between the actual and the perceived. Or I could frame it as the difference between the truth and what we think we know.

In fact, the attempt to define something can be a step away from reality because we tend to attach a finite meaning to something that may not be finite. Humans like labels, categories, and dichotomy. But this can also cause conflict where none is necessary. For example, two people can fall in love but what happens when they find out that they have radically opposing religious upbringings? The love is real, the differences are unreal (illusion).

But I try not to think too heavily about these things. If I did, I might doubt that anything I see or feel is "real."

Reality, as you imply in your comment, is often viewed as something subjective. We have to be careful here, too, because we can create our own little worlds of illusion. If we are not able to perpetually sustain the illusion, we suffer.


Rapidly expanding collectivism.

How do we solve it?

Tapering from fiat.

Kent Thune


I would add that a balance between collectivism and individualism is best. If we were to create a Venn diagram, the place where they overlap is reality. The extremes of each are illusory and damaging.

"Fiat" money is arguably a production resulting from the extremes of both government (collectivism) and capitalism (individualism).

Money is definitely among the most illusory things in the world and thus the cause of many other disconnections from reality.

Thanks for the comment...

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