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Savvy Working Gal

How is your book project coming along? I've been patiently waiting.

Kent Thune

Thanks, SWG! Hopefully you've been more patient than I! The book is probably 80% complete, with most of what remains being editing what I've already written and preparing it for publishing.

My goal is mid to late October, which probably means early November!

Thanks for reading...



Great to hear from you Kent.

The last paragraph Perfection is the enemy of the good.
Reminds of a friends saying

Be clear with your intentions and accepting of the results.

You can imagine the result you want (clear intention), but it pays to accept the result, either learn or be aware what results certain intentions bring.


Kent Thune

Thanks, Andrew.

I like the phrase, "be aware what results intentions bring." At times, striving for perfection is not worth the effort. This is certainly true with investing. Often those who try to achieve above-average returns receive below-average results.

I also found this to be true in college and in graduate school. The effort required to get perfect scores or the 4.0 GPA was not worth the added stress.

I was happy with a 3.0 and learned just as much, if not more, than the straight 'A' student because I enjoyed the experience and had a social life outside the classroom.

Thanks again for the comment...


Greg Linster

Hey Kent,

I find your last point to be especially salient. Satisficing -- i.e., trying to avoid optimizing by simply settling on a decision after meeting an acceptability threshold -- is ironically the optimal decision making strategy.

On a personal note, I hope you and your family are enjoying that wonderful new home (please do share pictures if you have any) and that beautiful island you live on!


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