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Jamie Salcedo

So true. Conflict is always in the mind and nowhere else. This reminds me of a conflict I had with my parents about their asset allocation in retirement through http://www.premierplanning.net/. We both thought that how they were going to split their money would be detrimental not just to them, but to my kids who were to get a some of the funds for their college education. Thank god, everything is settled now.


Amazing how clear you have expressed a thought I experienced only this evening! There I was thinking that all of us get only one life and no one has the right to insist that another act in the same way as the majority. It was then that I realised that I had thrown off certain shackles from my mind. And I was thinking I am indeed free. Thanks to my relationship with my creator and saviour. And then to read this. Thank you so very much for these words.

Kent Thune

@ Jamie: Thanks, for sharing your experience.

@ Drey: A great aspect of spirituality is reconnecting with the authentic Self by removing outside influence, which consists primarily of social conventions. I'm currently reading "Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality." The author, the late Anthony De Mello, was a religious leader who said that one's relationship with God is only real when the individual casts away their current understanding of Him. This is because the human mind wants to "know" things, whereas God is not knowable.


When you let go of concepts and abstractions from social conventions, you are enabled to know the Self, be free, and to connect with spirituality.


Thanks so much for these recent posts on Awareness and book references. They've helped get back to certain basics I'd explored when I was younger.

Kent Thune

Glad to help, Jon. Writing and reading on awareness is therapeutic for me as well...


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