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Point taken. Humans like to put labels on things Adam West's bat-cave comes to mind. Your post made me realize that perhaps there is no accurate label for what we are experiencing.A bubble lead up to this .The long term unemployed with mouths to feed will sneer at the recovery argument as will some of the self employed . The academics will pull out charts and models and point to a statistical recovery I would suggest they look over their shoulders and ask the people cleaning the office How ya doin... no really what is it like to be you? Some are breezing through this unaware of what is happening around them.I have friends in both situations . What do you label something so complex as this I do not know .I do however think the flim-flam man that is trying to sell the remain calm everything is just fine idea is going to have to start dancing really really fast.


I couldn't agree more.
I have often tried to argue (invainly) that what we have gone through in the last 2/3 years was a credit recession. Most probablly in 2012, we will face an economic recession. The two being distinctly different from one another.....

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Barry and Leone:

As difficult as it may be for human beings, I believe the best route is to resist the temptation to label things as they are occurring.

As humans we have a desire to categorize and label things to help us understand them--we give them a name. However the name can often distracts from the idea.

Perhaps, allowing ourselves to be the humans that we are, we can have some balance. We may label, categorize and name things but it may be better to wait until we have sufficient information to do so.

With regard to "double-dip," I believe the mistake made in naming it this way is that we may fail to understand it because we lump it together with something else that occurred in the past (or is arguably still occurring).

"All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse." ~ Benjamin Franklin


The reason they call it Negative growth is in economic calculations, growth is a result meaning a change in quantity over time, which can be either positive or negative. The media should always say "positive growth" or "negative growth" rather than "growth" or "recession."

example: In physical calculations for velocity, a car doesn't experience acceleration and deceleration, it experiences positive accelerations and negative accelerations, with acceleration being a term for "change in velocity over time"

Also, a recession refers to having negative growth in less than 6 consecutive quarters, as to where a depression is more than 6 consecutive quarters of negative growth.

Kent Thune


So in economic speak, all movement is "growth?" Following your example of the car, what is the term for "reverse?" Perhaps it is difficult for some to wrap their minds around the idea of negative growth. It seems to be a misnomer like jumbo shrimp, although most can still intuitively "know" what it means without getting into the semantics of it.

Thanks for adding your knowledge to the conversation...


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