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greg perry

Nicely done Kent. The reader's question shows you how deeply you are connecting with people, and what they, no, we want from you. Your post hands it back respectfully, elegantly even.

I'm reading a little book by David Reynolds called Constructive Living. He favors action over intention and reflection, but not in those familiar hyper-performance-human-potential terms. There's a calmness here. This line got to me: For all my dreams, I am what I do.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for the generous compliments. I enjoy helping others help themselves. In other position would be misleading.

I'll have to look at Constructive Living.

Thanks again.




Good Morning Kent,

I discovered your blog from your guest post at Get Rich Slowly. I'm looking forward to your book, which evidently espouses a philosophy similar to mine.

My book addresses investor fears at the investor level. No product or service will help an investor overcome their fears. They must look within, at their own values and meaning.

If you'd like a complimentary copy, I would love to get your thoughts (although as a writer, I know your time is pressed with your own writing). It's available in paperback, kindle, and nook. Let me know your preferred format and I'll get one to you!


Paul Puckett

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Yes, I would like a copy of your book. I don't have an e-reader. Do you have a PDF version you could email?

If so, here's the address:


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