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Great piece of writing. A related question: nowadays our workweeks are getting longer and vacations getting shorter... how do we avoid being over worked in favour of living a more balanced life? This question has been plaguing me for a while.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Evan.

The work/life balance is certainly challenging. A lesson I learned from reading Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist philosopher, is to realize that every moment belongs to you. Often it seems you don't have any time to yourself. If you understand that everything you do and everywhere you go is a result of YOUR choice to be in that place or to do that thing, you will feel more free and remain in the present moment.

If you do not like your current environment, you must embrace it for now and begin taking steps to change it.


I think I just found my new favorite blog! It's what I think my blog would be if I were smarter and more eloquent. LOL!
You're right--people long to be self-actualized, but with so many outside voices telling us what we should be, I think people lose track of what that means for themselves. They let other people determine it for them, leading to more and more unhappiness.
Thanks for the great post!

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I appreciate the generous compliment. My "other job" is financial planner. I've seen too many people seek redemption by monetary means. The whole idea of "financial freedom" encompasses the misguided belief that a certain amount of money will allow one to do "what they want." Paradoxically, it is this pursuit of freedom that causes a form of slavery.

Finding a job that pays well financially but erodes at the self is among the greatest contradictions I've observed in my lifetime.

I hope to hear from you again...


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