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Thank you for displaying such common sense! I had noticed that the media never gave amounts of radiation, only that they were 'dangerous'levels. I really like your posts, keep it up!


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for the comment. Mass media exists to sell advertising and, to sell advertising, they must attract or distract people to watch/read/listen.

The media is not inherently evil but business is good when they can scare people into tuning in.

It's all noise!

On a more serious note, let's hope that the radiation levels do not get as high as most media is implying with their images and words.


Thanks Kent! I was starting to worry that the media and the panickers were going to be right about the radiation levels. Then I saw that regardless of what happens, the correct path is to not panic! I think this is true of investing, also.

Here in Seattle, there is a fast food, seafood restaurant called Ivars. The owner used to have commercials saying "Keep clam!". It's never a good idea to panic and start thinking the worst, or to let others move you to panic.

Take care,

Christy Bullard

Great news! I was really starting to believe we were being lied to by all the media. I love your writing and look forward to reading more from you.
Keep up the positive outlook there's a lot of people out there who need to read what you have to say. Wishing you continued success.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Christy: Thanks for the comment and positive support for the blog.

Herd behavior is interesting to observe and potentially dangerous to participate in.

Understanding the motivations of the media and how people react to "the news" is a significant part of survival.

Thanks again for the comments...


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