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Greg Linster

I'm not sophomoric enough to make a prediction and I'm skeptical of those who do. Whether or not that makes me a sage is a matter ontological.

I've been meaning to ask you a question Kent: Have you read The Black Swan or Fooled by Randomness?

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

A sage would not call himself a sage. Based upon that logic, perhaps you are a sage!

I've not read The Black Swan or Fooled by Randomness. From what I've heard, I imagine I would like them.

I think the only 21st century book I've read for pleasure is Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth.

Next time I get to the library I'll look at the books and consider checking them out.



Hi, New Earth is a life changing book (at least for me) and your posts are excellent. I became interested in trading in part due to the similarities in characteristics of a "good" trader and an "enlightened" being. I thought how great would it be to pursue profession which would be in alignment with the inner purpose (as Tolle calls it). When I read your posts, I wander how your philosophy helps you in the markets. Besides providing a proper perspective, is it translatable into practice of speculation?
Thank you very much

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I believe that self-awareness is the key to success in anything and everything in life. Part of this self-awareness is "inner purpose," as Tolle describes but it is also an awareness of one's own emotions as they occur, which is a strength for investment traders.

My life philosophies that align with my investment philosophies are closest to Taoism, which is largely a passive philosophy. Therefore I use index mutual funds and ETFs for allocating client assets.

I don't try to "beat the market" but rather seek a strong absolute return by virtue of prudent asset allocation.

In other words, I'm an "allocator" not necessarily a "trader" or stock picker.

"Nature does not hurry, yet all is accomplished." ~ Lau Tzu

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