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My definition of rich - when you don't let you wants get ahead of your needs. Because then you have "enough".

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I like your definition. There is nothing wrong with wanting, but giving in to wants without limit is self-destructive.

As with everything, there is a balance.

Thanks for the comment...



rich is a combination of material things and personal satisfaction .I only need enough material things to be comfortable and happy and thus rich in that regard . A family that loves one another and enjoys life together brings fulfillment and happiness and makes for a rich life of personal satisfaction. Teaching basic philosophy to your children goes along way towards achieving the latter.


Being "Rich" is the freedom to choose, and follow through the choice with action - I can choose to want X, I am able to source X through Y, and obtaining X. It is as much immaterial as material, since material part provides the feedback. This is even true to learning - you learn, you absorb, and you test the learning to confirm the learning.

You cannot achieve a Rich peace of mind unless the basic needs (YMMV) are satified in some materialistic way, freeing you from its constraint.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@ Barry: Yes, having "enough" is a good basis for "rich." I also agree with the idea and practice of teaching philosophy to children. I teach it everyday to my two young boys!

@ FX: Your thoughts remind me of Erich Fromm's two kinds of freedom: "Freedom From" and "Freedom To." Most people desire Freedom From something (i.e. financial debt) but never aspire to finding Freedom To something (i.e. self-fulfilling activities). If you've not read my post on this, here's the link:


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I agree with Barry. A lot of people which to be rich.

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