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Intriguing and thought provoking post. I have heard it said that happiness is not a destination but rather a journey. It is folly to associate happiness with anything outside of ourselves.

Jim Cosgrove

Here's a couple more...

It is not happiness that makes gratefulness,
but gratefulness that makes happiness.
- Brother David Steindl-Rast

Happiness is unavoidable when we seek the happiness of others. It is always elusive when we seek it for ourselves alone.
-- Ellen Grace O'Brian

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@DreamChaser57: Great point! Constantly seeking new destinations takes one away from the place (the present moment) where life exists. I like to say that the journey is the destination.

@Jim Cosgrove: Great quotes! Where did you find them? May I use them for my e-book? I'm putting together a collection of quotes and will supplement them with my notes; however, I want to make an effort to check my sources!

Thanks for comments...



Nice post Kent! Another myth that pertains to happiness is that "success" is, by and large, the point of life. I know a lot of "successful" people who aren't very happy.


I'm surprised that you left-out a quote by Victor Frankl in your post....


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@Greg: Yes, I agree and know people who fit the conventional meaning of success, yet they are not successful in a meaningful way.

@Leonardo: Thanks for noticing the absence of Frankl. His thoughts and philosophies are central to my own; however, today's quotes come from some sources I have used less frequently in the recent past. Believe me, Frankl will get his own chapter in my ebook!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...


Jim Cosgrove

Kent: Re your ? @ 11-10-10 8:43AM

I pulled the quotes from my own archive. They originally came from:

Like most of these things, I think if you acknowledge the source, you're good.

Cheri Huber runs Living Compassion.
Ellen Grace O'Brien heads the Center for Spiritual Enlightment (CSE), my home spiritual center.

In both cases anyone can sign-up to get daily inspirations. No charge, no obligation whatsoever.


Steven of Chicago

Buddha believed happiness is loving what you have, not what you want.

And I agree.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks Steven! Taking the Buddha idea of contentment further, I believe there is nothing wrong with aspiring for more, as long as one is perfectly content if "more" does not come.

Perhaps this is more of an idea of acceptance--whatever comes, whether it is more or less--is fine.

Thanks again...


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I just get all worked up , and I stew around!

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