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Very difficult question.

Anyway, I agree with that diferentiation and I like the concept of meaning before anything else, at least for me is important.

Now, answering your question:

Probably, for me freedom is not be slave of the propaganda or the hiden agenda of anyone, like the goverment, a company or a political party or a conspiracionist group. I know it´s difficult to abstract oneself from "the world", but is a great goal. It´s mental freedom. Freedom for choose your own ideas, your own fears and your own motivations. Freedom to liberate yourself from the business cycle. Freedom to not be obligated to choose between Burguer King and McDonalds, Pepsi and Coke, Democrats or Republicans. Freedom to not be obligated by my goverment to go to an offensive war and risk my life for a few big asses. Freedom of the burocracy....as you see, my concept of freedom have no end. And my actitude if before my financial freedom (in fact im poor like a rat). Skepticism is freedom. Money helps me to maitain myself skeptic cause I have not "lord".

But that was "freedom"..."financial freedom" only means one thing: money.

Thanks again (and sorry for my horrible english)


where I wrote "my actitude if before" of course is "my actitude is before".


Wonderful topic.
As Frankl said- that space between stimulus and response-rang my bell.
My difficulties are the distractions I place in my path that become self generateing obstacles placed there only by me. Perhaps learning that space more intimately may free me a few obstacles.
Thanks for the



You must first ask "What is the purpose of my life?"

Generally speaking, I think most people inherently struggle with finding an answer to that question. It's much easier to take the path of least resistance and trap yourself into thinking you need to make 'X' amount of dollars before you're free. Of course that 'X' amount of dollars variable can increase as desires increase. It's far easier to trick yourself into thinking you need a bigger house or nicer car than it is to answer that difficult first question. People gravitate towards the path of least resistance.

The fear of not having authentic meaning is often masked by a phony fear of not having enough money. Again, it's the 'I'll follow my dreams after I make 'X' amount of dollars' argument. It's much easier to think you're limited by something like money than it is to actually figure out what those dreams are. Ultimately, this creates a very real fear of freedom that I think many people have.


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@ Thanks: I appreciate your thoughts, which by the way, are expressed better than some writings I've seen from people who have greater skills writing in English.

@ Joel: Yes, the Frankl quote strikes me as well; especially considering he was both a psychotherapist AND a Jewish concentration camp survivor.

@ Greg: I agree. An answer to the question, "What is the purpose of my life?" does not come with ease. I will say, however, that asking the question, followed by an honest and complete attempt to answer it, will bring up other questions that inquire into one's Being.

Philosophic inquiry is reflective and introspective; it inspires a dialogue with oneself that hopefully continues throughout life. Questions do not always need to be answered; they simply need to be asked...

With that said, you are also right that most people find it easier to avoid introspection and seek things outside...

"Every one rushes elsewhere and into the future, because no one wants to face one's own inner self." ~ Michel de Montaigne

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Wow! what a philosofical site! But it is all true. The thing I have found in my persuit of freedom, is learning. And my thirst for knowledge has helped me over the years, anything I dont know and could and would probably need - I go and learn it. As quickly as I can.
This I find can open a massive amount of avenues to place you in areas of life of freedom. I hope this makes sense. But it has been my key and I have never been without due to this perspective. I know an awful lot, yet I also know that there is still a long long way to go and will never know it al, There are some things I dont want to know and learn, therefore demonstrating my freedom of choice. What can be the biggest obsticle to achiving this, is siting on the fence and procrastinating. Therefore, you have the Freedom to kick your self up the backside and get on with it....if you wish :)

Like it and thanks for sharing. :)


To add further. One can find a paradox with the above comment.
Where the question has to be asked, "can too much knowledge be a bad thing?"

As an after thought to my previous comment I am also aware that sometimes having too much knowledge can conflict with having freedom. Every one wants a piece of you.

To combat this, one has to pretend or act dumb, just to get some quite and freedom. Strange isnt it? :)

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