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i do jiu-jitsu, in this environment the ego can be your enemy and completely slow down your learning curve.

i believe the same is true in life.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Good point! The ego gets in the way of a life well lived. It is 'normal' but not healthy.

Thanks for the comment...



I'm convinced that you can never really transcend human emotions like envy, but you can limit their impact on your life. People search for image and ego food in all realms of life. Maybe they just need to find meaning???

You said it best,

"self-awareness is the key to financial success and success in all areas of life; that meaning must come before money and purpose precedes planning"


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I agree. Human emotions cannot be completely overcome; and it is even unhealthy to ignore them or attempt to eliminate them.

With self-awareness, however, one may observe the occurrence of a damaging emotion and neutralize it.

Ego cannot coexist with awareness...


greg perry

I'm with you Kent, on Tolle and the real power contained in moment-to-moment self-awareness--that's what keeps us in this moment. As you've probably read, Eckhart writes that one definition of ego is "an unhealthy relationship with the present moment." That felt pretty fresh to me when I read it.

Another way into Tolle: Audio. The New Earth audio book is always somewhere in my mix, and I really enjoyed his interview with Krista Tippet's interview with him. it's here:


greg perry

And for Kent and all, another recommendation-- Jacob Needleman's "Money and the Meaning of Life" in which he asks the question: What's the one thing money can't buy?

The book's been on the shelf since the mid 90s, so could be old news to you. Worth a trip to the library. Here's a '97 interview he did with Fast Company, near the peek of the dot com insanity...


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for sharing the links. I've not ready Needleman and will certainly check him out.

On a separate but related note, I've learned more from readers like you than from many of my master's level courses!

Thanks again...


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