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Imagine reading this a day after you've decided to quit your job in finance. I must be dreaming. call her Muse

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Good for you! If you are "dreaming," perhaps you may remain in the dream, which is probably closer to reality than that of the world of finance.



Mike W.

How do you reconcile pursuing an income you find meaningful and staying out of debt? I quit my job in financial services a year ago(I was there 8 years), I want to pursue my own path without having to go work for someone else. However, those paths will require a substantial outlay of my savings or borrowing to cover the start-up costs. I'm afraid that debt hanging over my head will cause me a lot of anxiety, same with cashing in my savings? Im paralyzed!


I really enjoyed this post - the dialogue format is much more accessible. Thank you!


"Inevitably, within this superficial exchange, I'll overhear something like, "So what do you do?" This is the juncture, of curiosity and the desire to compare oneself to others, that almost every human aspires to in social conversation.

There is nothing wrong with small talk but, being an extremely practical person, I find small talk to be only useful if it leads quickly to the verbal and meaningful exchange of intelligent thought."

I started reading your blog tonight. I could not help but laugh after reading the above paragraphs. I have been looking for a blog like this for awhile and am glad I finally came across one.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to have inspired a laugh!

As you may have detected, this post is based on real experiences.

I enjoy good conversations; however, they do not often occur in social settings.

Most people remain on the surface, which is quite normal; but normal is not always healthy!

Perhaps one of the reasons I write is because it is a means of conversation (usually with myself).

I enjoy comments, such as yours, because it allows me to extend the conversation outside of my own mind...

Thanks again for the comment...


Ardell Broadbent

One of my favorite quotes by Eckhart Tolle: "This is normal. And it is insane."

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