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Wishing you the very best but mixed feelings about tfp being on Twitter (similar to the way one feels about philosophers sermonizing on cable TV i guess). Dont let the babel drag your value-guard down :-)

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I appreciate your sentiment. I felt the same way at first. My mission for TFP is to help people find meaning and purpose in life, which can be aided by philosophic introspection and reflection.

It's interesting you mention "sermonizing on cable TV." The people who need guidance are not reading philosophy books -- they are being consumed by media noise -- and the place to help the misguided is where the misguided spend their time.

Many of my messages on Twitter will be implicit and explicit reminders to "turn down the noise," which includes minimizing exposure to social media, especially Twitter!

With that said, however, I do believe I will soon shrink the size of the "Twitter Bird" in the margin of this blog because it is represents a contradiction to my message here at TFP.

Thanks for your thoughts...


Account Deleted

I am sure there will be more signals less noise in your tweets.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Yes, I will try my best not to distract or subtract but to attract and add... with less noise and more value...

Thanks for the comment!


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I agree, Twitter is a double edged sword. It can be a huge distraction as well as an invaluable source of real-time information.


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