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Jose Martin

Great post... liked the 2-3 paras after: Focus on what is within your control.

So true... I manage my own fund... and trust me, its no easy thing... though i did make a lot of money from the market, its not something that most would like to do for a living... warren buffet an exception!

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Jose!

An investor, of course, cannot control the markets but they can control their exposure and savings rate.

I've made the most money by buying heavily when the crowd is moving in the opposite direction. The same can be said about selling when the crowd is buying heavily.

With regard to Buffett, this is buying when others are fearful and selling when others are greedy...

Thanks again...



that's a very interesting combination of personal development and finanace :) very nice article

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Farouk: Prudent financial behaviors are rooted in prudent life philosophies, which is the thread running throughout the themes here at TFP.

Thanks for the comment...


Mariusz Skonieczny

What a great article. It really makes you think. If you don't invest in yourself, then who will?

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I am happy to have provoked thought. That is my goal with each post.

You are correct in asking, "If you don't invest in yourself, then who will?"

Investing in yourself, however, can inspire others investing in you. It's not different than insider trading. If others see you investing in yourself, they will want to do the same...



Sincerely this is one of the best articles I ever read in my life.

Looks like you put my thoughts in order, and even you put a Krisnamurti who was quite great thinker (and trustworthy).


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@ "Thanks"

I am humbled by your generous compliment! Krishnamurti is one of my favorite thinkers and spiritual leaders.

If you haven't already seen it, you might like the web page I created on his bio and quotes:


Here is one of my favorite quotes of his:

"Concentration is another invention of thought. In school you are told to concentrate on the book. You learn to concentrate, trying to exclude other thoughts, trying to prevent yourself from looking out of the window. In concentration there is resistance, narrowing down the enormous energy of life to a certain point. Whereas attention, which is a form of awareness in which there is no choice, a choiceless awareness, all your energy is there."

Thanks again "Thanks!"


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