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Excellent post!
I’ve just read a book: Brainwashing by Kathleen Taylor. Taylor named abstract ideas ethereal ideas. Since those ideas are abstract and not supported by concrete facts they can be explained in many different ways. And this is what, according to Taylor, brainwashers do. She defines dogmatic thinking as a way of thinking which is close minded and used by ideologists to gather more followers (e.g. dictators in politics, leader of sects, etc.). It seems that social science (economics, finance, politics, sociology, etc.) is vulnerable to ideology and dogmatism, since it is founded on abstract ideas. As you perfectly conclude in your post “Minds become strong by remaining open and flexible to changing”, it is a way to prevent ourselves falling in the trap of dogmatic thinking. And as you say in most of your post, first we must be aware of this.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for your input! I've not read her work but I like the way Kathleen Taylor illustrates the perils of abstraction and dogma for individuals.

You are correct in that philosophic ideas are largely abstract in nature, which is why I am attracted to existentialism -- a philosophy that, among other things, urges the rejection of herd mentality.

Some of my favorite existential philosophers include Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, & Sarte.

"The crowd is untruth." ~ Soren Kierkegaard



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