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I like it. Short, & to the point :)

I imagine it's almost impossible to consider oneself truly successful (when happiness & self-actualization are considered) if one's ethics & personality are not truly aligned with what they are doing (professionally) on a day in, day out basis.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, David.

Given a moment's thought, most of all communication, whether it is books, blogs, newspapers, television, or from any other media source, is a message to convince others of something -- to "sell" something -- whether it is a product, service, or just an idea.

I've fantasized about writing a book, called "The Key to Success in Anything You Do." On page one, it says, "Be who you are," and all of the remaining pages are left blank for the reader to write themselves.

Now that's the ultimate "self-help" book, huh?



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