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love this article, which should resonate with many more people today due to the economic/financial crisis of the past 12 months....keep up the great work!

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks Peter! I hope that one of the silver linings of this financial crisis is that many people are given the opportunity to see monetary pursuits as largely self-defeating and that meaning has greater value.

Thanks again...



Great article! As of my experience I enjoy the meaning, feel good in the way of doing some work. Specifically when I have task at hand and know nothing about how to do, iterating thinking, connecting odd dots to do it some way or other. Its the way that excites me more than the final result.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Guri.

It is important to do work that is stimulating. The challenge, however, is to remain stimulated! It sounds like you get fulfillment out of just "doing," which is a valuable trait to have!

Thanks again for the comment...



This article has made me reflect on my own career and how I ended up where I'm at. Part desire for my career field and part necessity to get a job that pays enough to handle the bills. Thanks for a well written piece.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks Deb.

I'm glad to have aided in your reflection.

Reflection is not just a "looking back." It's also a useful process for looking at what you are doing now and where you are headed.

Thanks again...

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