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Another really great article Kent.

I have made sure not to read or watch any news at all. I don't get anything from it and find it a complete waste of time. Gossip has never interested me.

What I particularly hate about media is the way it is portrayed as an "unbiased" point of view. Of course it may not sound like it to some, but whoever is writing that piece most certainly has a point of view and will push it in anyway possible.

I have seen a situation first hand were the media took to the side of what would make a great story instead of truth. Since that day I have had no trust for them.

As my father has always said, "They never let fact get in the way of a good story."

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Peter, I agree of course! When considering sources of information, assuming one is looking for useful and factual information, one must consider the particular information source's primary motivation.

News media (and most other sources) are in the business of selling advertising. Useful and factual is boring and does not sell much advertising; therefore, "news" comes in the form of sensationalism.

I prefer to read books.

Thanks for the comment!



quite true. I arrived to the same conclusion than Thoreau.

Is more, in my rare opinion, different Tv news channels "links" with different kind of people.

In Spain we have channel 5, they like to talk about tragedies. There are people, like my mom, who likes to consider the world as an unsafe place. So she confirm her view with this channel.

Other channel (3) is the opposite, just nonsense happy and sympathic news. This is for the people who wants to feel that all is ok in the world.

Other channel.......

I prefer to not watch the TV. Argument, quite simple: we live in an universe that was created from nothing o from God (as you prefer), and a miracle called "life". DonĀ“t waste your time sitting in front a box.

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