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love the blog. am learning as much as I can about active asset allocation and seeking more info on the web...can you point me in the right direction? I don't like bonds at all right now in a deleveraging world of less than creditworthy borrowers of all stripes...FWIW.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Newbie: Thanks for the positive remarks! Your question about active asset allocation is quite broad so I'll send you an email offline...

With regard to bonds, I mostly share your sentiment. For clients, however, I like intermediate-term, high credit-quality corporate bond funds as a diversifier. I believe the timing for long-term bonds, municipal bonds, and low credit-quality (junk) bonds is not good at the moment.

Thanks again...



Kent, I could not agree more about bonds at this point. Thanks for the reply and please don't go to the trouble of emailing me to that made-up email address. I am also looking into Commodity index funds as a great diversifier...what do you think?
Best and regards,
ps. You seem way too "deep" to be a financial advisor...IMHO and with a grin.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Newb.

I believe Commodity index funds are as great a diversifier as they have ever been. I primarily use Natural Resources funds for this purpose (5 to 10%, depending on the client), which give good broad exposure to energy and commodities.

Thanks for the "grinning" remark on my deepness. I take that as a compliment!

Thus far, I have been able to avoid quoting Lau Tzu or Plato in any of my meetings with clients!

In all seriousness, the philosophy strengthens my mind for analytical work and keeps me calm amidst the noise and chaos of financial markets. Writing this blog is quite good therapy and a way of keeping me sharp...

"I write to keep from going mad from the contradictions I find among mankind - and to work some of those contradictions out for myself." ~ Michel de Montaigne



Deb Braidic

I love your final quote about luxury as artificial poverty - I know you didn't say it the first time it was uttered, but thanks for rescuing it and providing it for us here - it was exactly what I needed to read at this moment in time.

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