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Well said! I think this is why success is almost always associated with independent thinking rather than herd mentality... It is always refreshing (and educational) to read your material. Hat tip.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Thanks for the positive energy, Penguin!




Adam Smith employed heuristics to arrive at very relevant judgments about "overtrading." I enjoyed this February 10, 2009 essay on his thinking about asset bubbles:
Adam Smith gets the last laugh

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for the positive comment and for the interesting link.



Good post.One need not be an expert in finance and economics to make some educated guesses as to what may be the root cause of this Financial Crisis...

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Jeff from Silver Coast Finest

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Many factors directly and indirectly caused the financial crisis.Major cause is a vulnerable or fragile financial system, including complex financial securities, a dependence on short-term funding markets, and international trade imbalances.

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