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Hi Kent,

"Dressing-up" is a form of respect which I think is important in any service industry. Just as important as not dressing too sloppily, they cannot be too flashy or bright because the main focus should still be on the service and not the appearance.

It is a sad fact, but first impression is still the most important factor a customer choose to determine a "capable","trust-worthy" and "professional" financial advisors.

The Madoff's case is a really a one-off incident.


Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


I agree completely with your assessment of "dressing-up," especially with your implied sentiment with regard to the "first impression" factor.

While it is often necessary for the "impressor" to "dress the part," much like the packaging of a product, it is also prudent for the "impressee" to remember that there is much more than meets the eye than an attractive package.

On Madoff, I will agree that the extremity of the case may be, as you say, a "one-off incident;" the frequency of this type of incident, however, is much more common than is reported, albeit on much smaller scale...

In fact, a similar case (in the millions instead of billions) occurred in my home town just a few years ago...

Thanks for adding to the conversation.



I have been reading your blog for a while, and really loved this post.

I think many people are deluded by the 'package' as much as people are deluded into choosing the financially lucrative career, rather than be who they "truly" are.

you may get fewer clients, but then again you may get more-- perhaps there is a bigger market than we might think for financial advisors who wear t-shirts and jeans.

the point, of course, is not that you're doing it to capture a wide market. You are presenting yourself honestly and I think that kind of honesty resonates with people, and will aid in your success.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for reading this blog.

With regard to the "package" you speak of, I agree that I may attract fewer clients or I may even attract more clients with a less-than-formal appearance.

My expectation is that I will attract fewer clients in the short-term but potentially receive higher frequency and higher quality referrals from existing clients in the long-term, especially if what is beneath the "package" is valuable to the clients.

Either way, I will be quite content just being "who I am."

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and for reading this blog...

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