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Ari Koinuma


Thanks for this post. You really helped me form a perspective on the current situation, one that I feel comfortable with.


The Financial Philosopher


I'm glad the post helped. Actually, I'm just the messenger relaying the kind of guidance from the sages that always helps me as well.

I'm sure if Lau-tzu or Socrates were alive today, they would be humbled but not surprised that their thoughts on human behavior still hold true 2500 years after their time...




Great post, Kent.

I would say something contrary to spur conversation, but that would be silly because I absolutely agree with your sentiments.

It's interesting to see that viewership of the cable financial channels is now spiking up (as is usually the case when matters of finance become front page news for an extended period of time).

This is ironic and sad since, as you pointed out, this is one medium where many of the loudest talking heads and Wall Street/government shills have held court. People are looking to the media for information, but mostly what they will get (before and after the fact) is really obnoxious "entertainment" or misinformation.


A few days ago, I was considering the difference between Jesus' parable about the talents and his clearing out the money changers from the temple.

In the first case, the person is making an investment that brings that betters the society he or she lives in. In the second case, the money-changers are making an investment that solely profits themselves.

The 700 billion ransom note that the money changers have just written should not be met. We shouldn't negotiate with terrorists.

Iqbal Latif

Great thoughts, happiness of the mind cannot be attained through possessions alone but without ‘worldly possessions’ life is not that trouble-free. Untended bellies of poor starved members of mankind in Sudan and Somalia attests to this.

It is up to the human mind to strike a balance between its demands and essential needs.

Body and soul both have contradictory demands, body has unquenchable hunger for more and soul can only be pleased through inner balance. We have a challenge that all of us ought to explore for a superior purpose so as to achieve true peace within.

We must look for a middle ground between these two opposite demands of body and soul to find true happiness. When ‘contentment’ leaves a person’s souls nothing seems to work. To be prosperous and to be cheerful is a skill, that skill can well be achieved by living well below our standards and efforts to be happy within by not losing sight of little pleasures of life.

However these are measly words, most of us regrettably concede to ‘celebrities’ enjoy live of ‘rich and famous’ and want to be a part of greater elite, this flight to new heights burn our wings more often than not, the determination of being an Icarus have to be curtailed, the enemy is within us, we are robbers of our own peace.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@David: Why not say something contrary? It only sharpens our thought and brings us closer to the truth, similar to Socrates and Plato's dialectic logic!

Regarding the media noise, the only clients of mine who have questioned their asset allocation are those who watch cable news during the day...

@Ned: I agree with your sentiment. Unfortunately, however, we, as citizens, do not have the "authority" to negotiate... We may only control what is within our control...

@Iqbal: Thank-you, as always, for your greate eastern perspective. The US is displaying to the world the true peril of non-contentment and greed. I will add that these events, in themselves, are physical world events. As individuals, we may still enable our own "peace within," as you say...

Great comments!


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