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Next Gen Politics

Wow! Amazing article! Kind of spooky. When I was in Eighth grade my math teacher had us do a calculation based on birthday that would detirmine which days would be good or bad. I think now that would cause a local uproar, but at the time I thought it was fascinating. Keep up the good posts.

Jerame Clough
-Next Gen Politics

The Financial Philosopher


I did feel a bit "spooked" when I discovered my birthday was 8 months and 8 days after 08/08/08, especially knowing the number's significance in my life thus far!

With that said, however, I am not highly supersticious and I would not hyper-intentionally make plans based solely upon the number 8.

Other than this post, I did take one small action on 08/08/08 that could turn into something larger later. I'll let you know what happens!

Thanks for the comment...



Huh, interesting coincidences. I think it's fascinating to uncover or stumble upon that kind of stuff.

It's funny, to this day when I hear someone mention 8/8, as a Chicagoan I automatically think back to 8/8/88, the date of the first night game at Wrigley Field.

By the way, Kent, it seems like we are fellow Aries. Our birthdays are a couple of days apart (4/14).

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