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Ari Koinuma

Hi Kent!

Wow, many great points here.

Your point about children connects with a post about Forrest Gump happening over at SuccessSoul. I made a point that high IQ can be hindrance to focus and joy, because with bigger view point you see so many things you don't need to see. They say ignorance is bliss, but if indeed all you know is satisfactory, it's better not to know what else is out there, from a satisfaction perspective.

And I'm working on a post about goal-setting that discuss the point about the thrill of the chase. Between result-oriented outlook and process-oriented outlook, the latter is always more reliably satisfying, without sacrificing results at all.


The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for your thoughts. I like your point of "process-oriented outlook." I can see how good results are just as much (if not more) a function of finding fulfillment in the process as good planning.

I'll watch for your post and check out SuccessfulSoul's as well...



Iqbal Latif

Hi Kent, your article provoked me into thinking about something that connects with this theme so well.

Why 'wealth' in puritan society help creates talebin like minds? Wealth ordinarily is connected with debaucheary and luxury, it does create free mnds far more open minded then religious minds however since wealth brings no happiness solace is found in legends and myth's of religion by the puritan, this is the gist of my thought. Thanks for helping me think.

The quandry of election of 'talebin' like minds in super rich oil emirates!

''I agree with my intellectual friend Kent that “happiness is not a function of obtaining an end.” I would like to cite Kuwait as one country where this is accurate "If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires."

The National Assembly has been dissolved many a times, and the people who are living under the total security of ‘cradle to grave social sanctuary’ with no taxes, government secured jobs for everyone, free health, free education, free housing plus subsidised energy and electricity are very restless, discontented, impatient and a fidgety bunch. They feel it is not sufficient; compulsion of luxury makes people prisoners of frustration. In terms of addiction luxury is far more detrimental than opium.

Kuwaiti over fed and over rich bored population finds gratification in religion; the expressions of ‘false self flagellated economic deprivation’ are expressed in their voting trends. Women who were granted the right to vote against the wishes of puritanical voted overwhelmingly for those who wanted to keep them out, it was a phenomenon where hostage becomes sympathetic to the ideals of kidnapper, so did many other disenfranchised Bedouins, the results of elections were mind boggling. ‘Salifis’ the hardest of dogmatic believers received greatest amount of seats and emerged as the largest single block and they nearly have two-thirds of majority if the Shiites are counted with them.

The remorse of overconsumption is washed hypocritically by being sanctimonious and devout. ‘Salifis’ in genre are demagogues more closer to Talibanic minds, their success made them have maximum gains over liberals, women, as well as lower income groups who were only ‘mere millionaires’ voted for antiquated systems to be brought back and shariaah laws to be imposed, those who drive jaguars and wear Armani or Versace want to bring back the thinking prevalent in the era of camel jockeying, this dichotomy and contradiction is unexplainable. ''


Next Gen Politics

Great article. It made me think that those people who get the greatest joy from their jobs are most likely, more focused on the joy their job brings them then the acctual compensation from the job. That may seem simple, but to me it's very interesting. It's the focus, not the object. If your focus is on the compensation(i.e. you work for money), than you will always be less happy than the person who has the job they love and is focused on the work that causes the compensation(i.e. you work for the joy of the work). I live in Japan (Side note -I have a daily blog "Dispatches from the land of the Rising Sun", on my political website, nextgen-politics.com, for those that would like to follow my daily adventures here).Anyway, this theory fits nicely into the Buddhist model that suffering is not an external stimulus, but an internal strugle with your desires. Very nice, article. I look forward to reading the next one.

Jerame Clough
Next Gen Politics

The Financial Philosopher

Iqbal: Thanks for the link. Your usage of the subject matter is interesting, as always...

Jerame: You hit on a central theme of mine...

"I tell you that virtue is not given by money, but that from virtue comes money..." ~ Socrates

Your living in Japan sounds interesting. I will be sure to check out some of your "adventures!"



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