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The Financial Philosopher

budding gardener:

It sounds as if you have found the meaning of happiness or, at least, you have defined what happiness is not...



Connie Brooks

>>it seems almost futile to repeat the wisdom.

It is never futile to repeat wisdom dear one, for you reach a new audience with every telling.

The Financial Philosopher


I agree, especially with the idea of a "new audience," which is why I said "almost futile."

Thanks for the comment! Please share your thoughts again...



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Bold Rutter

Happiness - this word has been searched by people for thousands of decades. Things changed, time changed, still happiness seem elusive.

People must know that the only true happiness that may felt by our heart is through GOD....loving him...serving him....living with him.

God bless us all!

Boeding Mcdougal

I believe you can find happiness everywhere. So I guess it's not a secret. :)

Pettie Underhill

Be contented of what you have now if you want real happiness in life. But don't stop searching for more goods for more satisfaction. Don't expect too much. Just pray and have faith.

Arechiga Martindale

For me, true happiness can't be bought with money. It's in the heart and mind of a person. In order for us to be happy, we should make sure that we have to identify things that can make us happy.As they say, live simply because "Contentment in life consists not in great wealth, but in simple wants".

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