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I often think about the law of attraction as people in my life ask me about it regularly. I am pragmatic and I believe that if it works at all, its effects are mainly psychological. I think it works thus: Lets say I am walking down a hallway and there is a key on the ground. As like as not, I will walk right by and not notice. However, lets say I dropped my key and am now walking down the hall looking for it. Even though it is a hallway and a key, I am now more likely to find it because I am looking for it and believe it may be there. I think that's pretty much all there is to it. You notice the opportunities, the "keys" that were there all the time. No magic force at all.

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I agree. The law of attraction is not "automatic." We have to give it energy for it to work and, even then, there are no guarantees.

If we do not put forth any energy, then it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to generate any attraction...

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Kent and quints,

I agree with you. Life is a random sequence of good and bad events. If you are positively thinking person you “see” only the good aspects of life and vice versa, if you are negatively thinking person – only the bad life events. Law of Attraction has nothing to do with attracting desired things in the physical world, rather than, as Kent pointed out, it is a self-fulfilling prophesy caused by our attention, which is product of our personality and our personality is product of our genes (Nature) and our experiences (Nurture) . It seems like a perpetuating circle of experience-thoughts-experience.

Thank you for the excellent article.


The Financial Philosopher


I like the idea that we are a product of our "nature and nurture."

To add to your thoughts, I have observed that many "negative-thinking" people tend to blame their negative experiences on others. They perpetuate their negativity by failing to see that they have any control over their experiences and also by failing to learn from their mistakes...




What an interesting post and blog. I agree the Law of Attraction is sometimes stretched beyond reasonable understanding. Why bad things happen to good people and vice versa is one of Life's big questions. I tend to the view that this is just the nature of Life. If you look at the natural world it is both incredibly beautiful and incredibly brutal. Life is as it is. No need to judge it, just to live it.

The Financial Philosopher


I agree. As you imply, "life happens," but we should be mindful not to allow our attitude to "happen."

We have little control over what happens to us but we potentially have complete control over our own attitude toward any given challenge or success at any given moment.

As you may agree, self-awareness is essential to this control and, ultimately, to our well-being...

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