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Good health is worth more than all the gold in the universe. As long as we possess good health, we have the opportunity to achieve anything that we wish to achieve.

It is important to always have a positive view of life, even in the midst of the most dire circumstances. Positive emotions are essential to good health and survival.

If you believe that life is unfairly treating you, take a little time to read "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl. Perhaps your life is not as bad as you first thought.



It's always a little pleasure of mine to roll over to your blog to find an interesting post, new or old. I find myself going back to some older ones every now and then because the wisdom expressed by yourself and commentators is wonderful to reflect upon again.

Thanks again, Kent.

Greg Feirman

Your passion for philosophy and wisdom is inspiring Kent. You're a unique voice in the investment business. And a powerful one.

The Financial Philosopher

Charles / Oz / Greg:

I have learned something from all three of you and appreciate the sharing of ideas...

All three of you have added to the conversation by challenging some of my thoughts, not just agreeing with them, and bringing my knowledge and awareness to a higher level...

Thanks and please continue the thought-provoking comments!




Thanks for this post. I look forward to reading your future posts, hearing what you have to say on all things of interest that come along, and witnessing the metamorphosis.

Keep on rocking and rolling.

The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, David. You certainly have been a part of the ride. As you suggested, I'll keep on rocking and rolling!



"On a smaller note, I have stopped the Weekend Wisdom category of posts."

I say, welcome to your newfound freedom. And keep up the good work.

The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, MHM. I will do my best...

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