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John Forman

Well, if we're going to include our own blogs among our favorites then I have to say http://www.TheEssentialsOfTrading.com/Blog and http://www.RhodyTrader.com are my favs. :-)

In all seriousness, TraderFeed and Get Rich Slowly are definitely on my list. I'll have to check out some of the others you've listed. I've got a lengthy list of ones I track, but I only really read a handful on a regular basis.

The Financial Philosopher


As I stated in my post, I'm not a trader. With that said, however, I am convinced that, like all other areas of our lives, self-awareness (via emotional intelligence) is crucial for traders.

Thanks for the comment. I always enjoy hearing from traders...

I'll be sure to check out your blog suggestions...

John Forman

Are any of us really "traders"? I do trade, as I do invest, but I don't define myself as a trader or an investor. :-)

Sorry. Had to do it. Just finished reading "The Way of Zen" by Alan Watts.



Thanks very much for once again including Finance Trends in your list, and for the kind words.

I have been meaning to bring up this topic on my site and poll my readers to find out about some of their favorite blogs. So this post not only gives me some new sites to look at, it also serves as a reminder.

I will try and chime back in tomorrow with some links to some of my favorite blogs/financial sites.

For now, let me say that I agree with you on the principle of including your own site as a favorite. If you feel it to be so, say it! Too much "false modesty" posing as true modesty these days, in my opinion.

John Jones

I like reading blogs. My blog reading time was cut into fractions through NetVibes. What a timesaver.

It allows me to scan more blogs. And when I find a good one (like this one), I add it to NetVibes.

My all-time favs are TraderFeed and TraderMike

The Financial Philosopher


You're a scholar and a gentleman!


I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I do not use a feed reader of any kind! I must do something about that! I'll be sure to check out NetVibes...

Can anyone out there suggest a good reader? What's different about NetVibes?



In addition to Traderfeed, I also like SharpBrains http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/
Mind Hacks http://www.mindhacks.com/
and Daniel Pink's blog http://www.danpink.com/


The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Charles. I'll take a look at your blog suggestions...




Thanks again for the kind comments, I will try harder to live up to them.

Wanted to include a couple of links to some of my favorite (content-driven) blogs and websites, outside of the ones already mentioned in your post.


Ludwig von Mises Institute. Austrian Economics and libertarian philosophy. Great essays and blog posts; tons of articles, presentations, and books online. A veritable warehouse of info and opinions on liberty and free markets.


Home to the Financial Sense Newshour broadcast (highly recommended) and an array of guest editorials and articles on markets and investments, written by investment professionals, newsletter writers, bloggers, and students of the market.



The Energy Blog and The Oil Drum are two great sites for learning about all types of energy - from fossil fuels to advances in alt. energy sources. Wish I had more time to keep up with these lately, the commenters and contributors know so much about how energy drives our world.

Well, I could go on, but I think this comment is running long as is.


Hi Kent,

Thank you for the mention - it's appreciated.

Also, you have introduced me to The Growing Life which, although being a relatively new blog, looks to have a big future.

Thanks again,


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