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Great thoughts on what it means to live in the present moment. I'm not sure what practices to add beyond meditation, although I believe any simply, focused activity such as knitting or attentive walking has similar effects.

Meditation and Buddhism have been a wonderful way of bringing myself back to the present. By attending to my breath, listening to my body, feeling every heart beat, and accepting thoughts that come in and out, I am brought back to living. But rather than think or talk about living, I am in the living moment.

The Financial Philosopher


Great comments! In general, meditation can be anything that occupies our mind without distorting our thoughts. In other words, those external influences I call "noise" will be turned down significantly or completely removed if our "meditation" is successful...

Music does that for me but I have to be careful: Listening to "old" music can take me to the past, which is ok, but not if I want to purify my mind and stay in the present... Classical, Jazz or "new" music of any genre works well...

Iqbal Latif

Extremely inspiring..your comments provoked me to write on the way markets have been affecting me and how I have been dealing with the pressures..


Think-TOUGH TIMES BREED TOUGH MEN.( A reflection on post markets event)

You can change your life if you control your mind, and exactly know what you want!!

Mystery shrouds the art of living, it is all about unlocking the lock of our mind

A family of 5 who are involved in CDO's, CMBS, ABS and real estate debt, these months have been extreme test of wits, one after the other the icon have fallen, the most terrible day was as BSC got under and Lehman was under threat of liquidation by the hedge funds, just a day before GS and LEH reaffirmed earnings. Surviving is an art and as this storm reduces its intensity to uproot, I would like to share with everyone a condensed version of how we braved it...

The toughest moments were when friends helped us out in the evenings with review of the day, drinking, eating and relaxing.

In nastiest of times like we had in the markets for last one month one thing helped me the most to survive, optimism over pessimism, destruction cannot be perpetual it is on construction and progress that human culture is based, as storms most likely has passed over, we begin a new era with new hope and new enthusiasm, but I learned few lesson that I will like to share. Complex markets can be dealt with more effectively if one keeps the focus right. Some simple unorthodox steps I follow to maintain semblance in my life..

1. Live within your capacity and try to seize the day

2. Maintain individuality & integrity

3. Nothing beats 'Knowledge without prejudice' it is the real Power

4. Love people around you, extend it and live with them

5. Avoid confrontation you cannot afford, just don't take them on

6. Never over leverage, the best of ideas shall fail (Murphy’s Law)

7. Live within yourself and get the best out of you

8. Never let others define your morality, seek nirvana through love

9 Have a long view, never live with a short view

10. Excellence in whatever you do- give it your best shot

11. Say what you mean and mean what you say

12. If it is too good to be true it is probably false

13. Nurture your ambition to stretch limits of your capacity

14. Dreams are great but never let dreams take over

15. Realism is what life is all about be a realist

16. Unbridled ambition is recipe of self destruction, avoid it

17. Savor little things in your life, look forward to them

18. Share your happiness with those around you

19. Take responsibility of your actions

20. Don’t believe in conspiracies

21. Low esteem destroys people so does false pride



Recently I discovered your site. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Besides Yoga, that which brings me to the moment is our garden. Whether on hands and knees, weeding, cutting back the dried seed heads which have fed the birds throughout the winter, adding a new plant to the flower beds or merely walking and observing, we truly experience life in its finest form. The warming moist soil yields an emergence of fresh green; petals of the Magnolia stellata now begin to unfold and with it brings forth a fragrance that fills the space around us; two turkeys comment to one another as they walk up and down the fence line, one on the outside, and the other in, until she finally relents and joins him; the earthworm aerates the soil adjacent to the snow pea seeds being planted; hummingbirds hasten return with velocity; and for a moment I take a breath and close my eyes as the sun appears and it warms my face.

The Financial Philosopher


Yes! If we can simply sit still and notice our surroundings, life suddenly emerges...

Thank-you for the colorful and thought-provoking comments and for "discovering" this blog...

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