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I would like to Thank You for very inspiring and educational site/blog you've created. Great job!

I wish you all the best,

The Financial Philosopher


I appreciate your positive and encouraging remarks! I believe I have learned much by reading and writing of the content in this blog and am always inspired to continue when readers let me know their thoughts...

Thanks again...


Another great post. During a dinner discussion the other night, a friend pointed out to me that I get into the habit of asking why. I hadn't realized this, and proceeded to do it again later in the night. Needless to say, I think I've been in philosophy class a bit long. However, that same friend pointed out that he always learned something when I probed him like that.

I've certainly had external influences, as well as past external influences limit me. Perhaps I'm just not asking why enough!

The Financial Philosopher


I am the same way but try me best not to sound critical. As a financial planner, I use open-ended questions to find "the truth." It typically takes two or three selective questions...



This is a well thought out blog, I'm going to spend more time here. Great thought proking posts!

financial planner

I love the "five why" method of getting to the heart of a problem.And btw, thank you for attributing those two quotes, I had thought that they were from others.


I agree we do need to define our own retirement. It should be based on our values and circumstances, financial or otherwise. As a Baby Boomer this is very relevant to me. We are the first generation to plan our own retirement. It is in our own interest to take control and decide what we want to do with our life and our nest egg and plan accordingly.
Congratulations on a unique and refreshing Blog on financial matter.

The Financial Philosopher


I appreciate your personal insight. Most of my clients are baby boomers and I am quite thankful for their (your) contribution to the new and evolving meaning of retirement.

Thanks for the comment...



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