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As individuals we may be small and insignificant. But if we see ourselves as a part of the Tao, then we are part of something vast.

The droplet becomes the ocean, but the ocean also becomes the droplet...


The Financial Philosopher


It's interesting that you say that we are "part of something vast." In a recent post, "Dying to Live," I quoted a person who had a near-death experience. Paraphrasing her, she said that the fact that we are "separate" on earth seemed as an "illusion" in her "death." She felt an overwhelming sense that "we are all connected."

Here's the link if you have not read the post:

Thanks for the comment...


I always come back to your blog to step out of the chaos and the narrow view. And yes, it is true, just keep doing what we do...but to realize that we need to quiet the mind that is creating all the panic and say to ourselves "that is not the real view ...that is the narrow view...this present moment is immense..!
Enjoy a cup of tea.
By the way, I'm a mortgage loan officer out of work, going back to school, don't know where my next penny is coming from, but the tea is warm and the morning is cold, love it!

The Financial Philosopher


Thanks for the comment and I admire your attitude on finding work. Just remember that money is "abundant" -- not "scarce."

One philosopher, whose name escapes me, was approached to help raise money for a cause. The task seemed immense and the support staff was beginning to panic. They asked the philosopher, "Where will we find all this money we need?" The philosopher replied, "From where it is now."

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