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Even if you're sitting still, the chaos is still a heckuva show, though. ;^)

We're holding....

The Financial Philosopher

Yes, Donna. It certainly is nice to be "watching the storm" rather than in the midst of it...

I would interpret Indira Gandhi's "vibrantly alive in repose" in this market's context as follows:

The time to make moves with investment portfolios is when the markets are at or reaching historically high levels. As I stated at least one dozen times last year, almost any time in 2007 would have been ideal for portfolio re-structuring.

Speaking for myself and my clients, we are prepared...


I recently changed my job from dealing with stocks to another financial position where I currently don't have time to follow markets. I have also not invested my money yet, however, now coming home in the evening and seeing what good prices are available on the markets, feels like buying for sure. I feel like everything is more or less fine and long term it's a very good timing to start accumulating good company stocks.

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