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If you're fiscally stable, it's a little easier to take bad health news than if you're living an overextended life when that sort of thing happens. A case for balance I think.

The Financial Philosopher


Yes. You indeed describe "a case for balance." Unfortunately, it is often something extreme, such as a brush with death, that sets our thinking on the right path...

Next Gen Politics

Wow...Great post, once again. You have inspired me to learn more about this man. Although I'm one of the people who don't often think of my mortality, I think I have managed to live a life that if I were to die tomorrow, I would be satisfied with. That in mind, I think that I do take too seriously those things that I shouldn't, and don't take seriously enough those things that I should. I've never been one who thought that I needed to be rich, but recently I have let the notion of wealth = happiness, creap into my day to day life. Thanks for the great post, and I'll take a look at the last lecture post. Keep up the good work. Really enjoying this site.

Next Gen Politics

The Financial Philosopher

Thanks, Next Gen...

As humans, our thought potential is finite. It is difficult to imagine something as infinite, or permanent, such as death.

As a younger individual, such as Randy Pausch, it is even more difficult to image our death coming sooner than later, until the "death sentence" has been received.

I like Frankl's thoughts on this issue as well:

"Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time." ~ Viktor Frankl

Thanks again...


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