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John Forman

I really need to visit your blog more often. :-)

If often find myself conflicted. On the one hand I rather enjoy being nobody. I can sit back and listen, observe, allow it all to flow around and through me. On the other hand, as an author and business person I am in a situation where being somebody is encouraged to achieve the objectives at hand.

At least in my trading I can be nobody. I can just trade with no real attachment to it all. Took me a long time to get to this point, though.

The Financial Philosopher


I like the word, "becoming," as opposed to "being." The prior connotes a "path" or a "journey" that has its own intrinsic value and it promotes humility. The latter connotes an ending or the achievement of "mastery" that can often be unrealistic, pretentious, or even unachievable...

Of course, if you're at a party and someone asks you, "What do you do?" and you reply, "I'm a writer but I'm becoming a trader," you might have some explaining to do!

Personally, I believe it is perfectly acceptible if "what you do" and "who you are" are entirely different things. As long as we are trying to move those two things "together as one" then you will always be "becoming."

Thanks for the comment...

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