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The market's euphoric response, of which I am no part of (again!), goes some way in supporting the notion of a Bernanke put, at the very least for the banking sector, but I am starting to develop the notion that this may be no bad thing, and perhaps the banking sector should trade at a constant premium because of it.

Given the location of the problem being addressed (i.e. the heart of the banking system), and the potential ramifications for the rest of the economy, I reluctantly imagine myself doing the same in Bernanke's shoes.

The Financial Philosopher

I try to resist judging Ben. After all, I must assume that he is performing the best way he knows how. Alan Greenspan also reminds us that "what he did" as Fed chairman was not necessarily "who he was" as a person. In the end, it's a government job with restraints. If Ben were a blogger and someone else were Fed chair, I wonder what he would say?

I wish Ben the best but I was hoping he would make a more courageous move...


I am really disheartened at the path chosen by our leadership, our system and our society. Bailing out those who take excessive risks is a great way to punish reasonable action. We are plotting a course of destruction.

The Financial Philosopher


Generally, I am disappointed as well; however, it is largely from a philisophical view. Since this was Ben's first test, I was hoping he would not yield to the cries from those market participants that gave in to greed. I was hoping to find in Ben a leader -- not a follower. After all, he will play a significant role in financial markets for years to come...

At least the prudent investor has already chosen their "path," which is largely unaffected by short-term influences. Excess is dangerous. Moderation is wise. Balance is "the way."


I'm a Humanities major and this is what we spoke about last week regarding the fall of Roman Empire (not exactly interest rates, but you know what I mean). It's all very interesting. I hope we can all move forward.


Every fiat currency in the history of the world has failed. What makes us so full of hubris to think we're so different? Our society is currently in the process of failing. It is more obvious every day.

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