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I just found this site VIA Mortgage Broker Coaching and I love it!!! There is so much to learn here and so much I all ready knew inside myself but ignore out of fear and lack of self confidence. Thanks for this site. I've been here for days, going to sleep at to AM just reading and reading. I'm in the mortgage/real estate business and It will help me help my clients. I've learned to keep a beginner's and not rely so much on experts, chats, and computers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


The Financial Philosopher

Your positive comments are appreciated. I am passionate about finding existing wisdom to use for my own benefit. Why would I not choose to share it with others? I look forward to sharing more knowledge with you as we continue forward in our mutual pursuit of wisdom...


Thank you for the reply. And sorry for the spelling...always in a hurry, you know. Planning to take it easy today though.


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