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Barry Ritholtz

Way cool list !

Many thanks for the very kind words . . .


bang on!

this is a key to me:

'Little or no competing interests' as most important to me. I feel the MSM has increasing capture by advertisers, reporting and editorials have become the same thing.

Also 'educational value' is very valuable from the blogger and commenters. As an underedumacated joe6pk. It is amazing the wisdom I have gained from yourself and others.

Andy NZ

Henrik Soke

Thanks for putting this list together. I like it :)

Paul Legato

Hi Kent,

I've just launched a new website that you may find useful - http://www.distillingfinance.com/ . The site is a financial blog aggregator and community sorter. Users vote on whether stories that come in via RSS are worthwhile, and the stories with the most votes move to the front page. In this way, the collective intelligence of the community is reflected in the rankings, allowing the reader to quickly filter out less useful content and focus on those stories deemed worthwhile by the collective.

That is just the beginning. We are expanding rapidly, and will have many more social/community-building features (such as user-submitted content) online soon in the near future.

I hope that Distilling Finance proves useful for you and your readers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for site functionality that would be particularly useful to you in your own research.


Hamed Elbarki

Some really good points, thanks for sharing!


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Jeff Paul Scam

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Jeff from Silver Coast Finest

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