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Lee Matthews - Financial Concepts West

"As Americans, we are fortunate enough, for better or worse, to be given the freedom and capacity to succeed wonderfully or fail miserably.

A prime example of this freedom and capacity as well as its potential for success and failure is highlighted in the recent housing and mortgage struggles in America... "

One area where many homeowners are beginning to 'succeed wonderfully' is in accelerating their home equity during this time of "mortgage struggles".

Today’s Real Estate market means that folks can no longer count on appreciation to build home equity. Those who realize that they need to pay down their current mortgage debt are looking for alternate ways to aggressively (yet safely) build equity.

And they've discovered a perfect online system to do that; they can focus on their wealth accumulation goals while accelerating their equity simply by using a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to ‘power’ their program.

A typical 30 year loan (of whatever type) can be paid down in 1/3 to 1/2 the time — it's a great way to save *huge* amounts of income by eliminating a mortgage amortization schedule’s front-end interest load. (On million-plus dollar homes, I've personally seen where this particular financial solution will save the homeowner $750,000 in interest charges!)

And the best thing – homeowners don’t have to refinance their existing mortgage or make (little or no) adjustments to their lifestyle.

I’d be happy to provide further details…

The Financial Philosopher


As you may have noticed, human behavior is a central theme in this post (as well as this blog). "Saving money" with a HELOC-based product or program works well with those individuals with the discipline to contain their spending.

Leverage works both ways. If the individual has a spending problem, borrowing more money or having the capacity to borrow more money can make matters worse.

Those individuals who are "in trouble" now are primarily those who need to change their behavior -- before changing their debt structure...

Lee Matthews -- Financial Concepts West

"Those individuals who are "in trouble" now are primarily those who need to change their behavior -- before changing their debt structure..."

I agree. What's nice about this program is that the individual can see exactly how each expenditure is going to affect the final goal (being mortgage free or being totally debt free).

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