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December 19, 2011


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Great post, thoughts are indeed habits.

"There is an art to productive reflection. Reflections happen after the fact. They are observed and let go. If reflections become rumination, you become stuck in your mental conversations and detached from the moment. You become engrossed in habitual thoughts of past and future, and you get caught up in your expectations. As the habitual thinking is born, awareness is lost, the present recesses into the fog of internal conversation, the moment passes you by, and you are left being MENTAL."

Author Unknown

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

@ Andrew: I love the quote. It sounds as if the author touches on "productive reflection" but then warns that habitual thinking causes a loss of awareness. I agree with this but I'd like to know what he or she believes is "productive reflection." Perhaps it is closer to my idea that reflection is a process of shedding outside noise and of bringing one back to the present moment.

@ Sermanas: Thanks for the comment...




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