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July 27, 2011


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your post is certainly interesting.. your well-chosen inspirational quotes is probably one of the reasons why i was encourage to read the whole write-up


Life is now. Life is planning. Even before I type this I have to plan what I'm going to type. I may only do it a few seconds before I place my fingers on the keys but that is still planning.

We plan what we are going to eat for dinner and even plan how we are going to cut the chicken, or pork or tofu on our plate. Planning is integral to our survival and is coupled with decision making. All of us plan but some of us plan further ahead. The key is to enjoy the benefits of that but not assume that because we have planned, everything is cast in stone.

We can plan to cut a piece of chicken but a noise may startle us and the fork may fly off the plate. In the long term, unexpected events may arise as well. However with all plans, we enjoy the benefits. ;-)

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