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March 03, 2011


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Steven of Chicago

Wonderful post. One of the best I've read on this site.

Clear the clutter and find the essence is something I have been trying to do for years. It's not easy when you have more interests than there are hours in the day. I guess I could say I'm on the path and a work in progress.

This post is a great reminder to stay the course.

Thank you so much.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Steven: Thanks for the generous compliment. I believe the beginning of solving any personal challenge is self-awareness.

By virtue of being aware of your own negative tendencies you are given the capacity to overcome them.

The "list of things to do" is an example of the human desire for shortcuts and preference for outside answers. Knowing (self-awareness) that you want outside answers may help in the prevention of following them when not necessary.

Illusion dissolves in the face of awareness.




Bit late to comment but this is a great post!

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