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June 14, 2010


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Dr Greg Cynaumon

This parable is indeed timely - in today's trend where people usually think of happiness as a thing that can be found in more expensive material possessions.


This parable works from the view of one man. But, it doesn't work from the point of view of society. It is well known that civilization and art flourished once human beings moved from being hunter/gatherers into agriculture. This was because the work of a few could feed many. And, the many were as a result, free to really enjoy life (in the spirit of this parable. While this parable works from the point of view of the futility of being too greedy about money, etc, but it doesn't quite take the entire view of society as a whole.

Kent Thune

VK: You make a very good point and I completely agree. I can see how the parable doesn't fit society as a whole (assuming you mean the collective "society" of the world as we know it today) but it does fit the vast majority of the world population, which has long passed the hunter/gatherer societies, as well as the agrarian societies.

As the world became more "civilized," especially by the 20th century, humans became increasingly separated from Being (spirit, self-awareness, contentment, mindfulness, consciousness) and led more by ego satisfaction and materialism.

At a minimum, I believe anyone who is capable of finding this blog post on the Internet is susceptible to the distractions of the modern world. Therefore a story such as The Fisherman's Parable is hopefully a refreshing reminder that there is more to living than making money, buying things and serving the ego.

Thanks for the comment. I hope to hear from you again...


Does anyone know where a copy of this parable can be purchased? I'm looking for it in a book format.

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