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March 09, 2009


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Mary Jaksch/GoodlifeZEN

Very interesting article. I'm especially interested in ways the mind starts catastrophizing whenever there is not enough 'data' to make informed decision.

Maybe we need to start loving the unknown.

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Of course, you know I agree Mary! The unknown is where our opportunity for growth exists. This growth includes all aspects of our life -- financial, spiritual, emotional and physical.

Unfortunately, for most, it takes some form of catastrophic shock to gain the healthiest perspective.

Perhaps this financial catastrophe will aid many in aligning their priorities with their pursuits.

Thanks for the comment...



Cute Easy Hairstyles

"Plans are worthless. Planning is essential." I love this quote! It is so true. How many of us are actually planning our life and finance for 5 or 10 years ahead? We tend to focus on right now too much and freak out when something bad happens. I mean something bad happens all the time! Today's economic shouldn't be so harmful if we were planning our future practically.

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