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March 04, 2008


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Great post. What I did was I went to http://www.subconscious-mind.org. From there, I followed the tips and guides that they offer on improving your brain power.Well, I tried and I definitely can see some improvement in my condition. So, you should consider trying it too.

Neil Gilday

Learning and committing to mindfulness is challenging. I find being part of a school very helpful. Finding a school that is non-dual is difficult (that being one where the teachings and practices support the contemplative and your day to day life).

The school I am a member of is the Diamond Approach. A very small progressive school that combines philosophy, psychology and spirituality leveraging the best of both eastern and western practices.

Really enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

The Financial Philosopher


Excellent! That website looks interesting. The fact that you took time to become more aware of yourself and your thoughts (and took action to do so) places you on "the right path..." Keep it up and thanks for sharing!


It sounds like I would enjoy your school. Most educational institutions have incredible flaws; however, if we keep our minds open, we take away something positive from each "professor" and each experience.

Currently, I am in an MBA program and find myself disagreeing with my professors quite often; however, they challenge me to think; they have valuable experience to share; and the overall experience will make me a better person. The only question is, "Where will I go from there?" The short answer is, "Education never ends!"

Thanks for the comments...


Brain Foods for kids– such as licorice root, red dates, angelica root, ginseng, lemon verbena and ginger – are known to promote circulation, increase concentration and reduce oxidation, thereby improving a child’s natural ability to learn and gather information.
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