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November 26, 2007


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Well, the true art of Tao is learning to relax in place - to be relaxed even while going through the motions. ;^)

The Financial Philosopher

...and self-awareness is knowing why you are "going through the motions" in the first place...

Thanks, Donna...

Ahmad M. Salam

It is the first time have the opportunity to read something from your oranisation.

Reading the articles was indeed refreshing, not new but stand up to the test of times.

I trust that your current adn future readers can truly understand the nourishment of your articles on your website.

As a prophet of knowledge, philosophy and sage advice. etc... thank you for sharing your thoughts to the world at large.

My very best regards and Happy

The Financial Philosopher


Thank you for your kind words. You are correct that the information I share is not new and the philosophies "stand the test of times."

I like to remind readers that much of the wisdom that we need to live a meaningful life today has existed for thousands of years and that the "new conventional wisdom" is no different.

There is no such thing as "original thought;" therefore, it is wise to seek the wisdom of the ancient philosophers and apply it to our use today...

Thanks again...

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